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LANA Medium Custom

LANA Medium Custom

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  • LANA / Lana [M]
    One Shoulder Bag Medium Custom

    Features ・Simple one-handle bag ・Hook pocket on the front back for easy organization of contents ・Comes with an attached pouch for convenient storage of small items

    Features ・Main pocket x 1
    ・Interior pocket x 2

    Material Main body-
    ・Ultrasuede®: PE65%/PU35%
    ・YKK NO5 EXCELLA® zipper ・Gusset core material WP Evo Attached pouch-
    ・Ultrasuede®: PE65%/PU35%
    ・YKK NO3 zipper ・Naskan

  • ・Body height 16cm
    Width Top 22cm Bottom 31.5cm
    Gusset top 5cm bottom 8.5cm
    Handle 47.5cm

    ・Middle pocket x 2
    Height 11cm Width 27cm

    ・Included pouch height 9.5cm
    Width 14cm
    Strap 17cm

  • Ultrasuede®, the main material used, is a suede-like artificial leather developed by Toray Industries.

    ・Excellent durability ・Adequate breathability. Moisture permeability ・Easy maintenance ・Light weight, high quality and smooth texture.

    Handling Precautions: -The hue may appear different depending on the direction you view it because the fluff has directionality, and is not due to a difference in color.
    - Please be careful in advance when combining white or light colors of Ultrasuede® or other materials with medium-dark colors of Ultrasuede® as there is a risk of color migration.
    ・Ultra Suede® is made of ultra-fine fibers (approximately 1/20th the thickness of a hair) and is soft. Repeated rubbing may cause fuzzing and tearing.
    ・We use ultra-fine fibers to create a unique touch. Therefore, high heat can damage the delicate touch and leave burnt marks. Please be especially careful with lit cigarettes and stoves.

    How to care - Ultrasuede® itself is a material that can be washed with water, but since metal and core materials such as zippers are used in the manufacturing process, if it gets dirty, use a wet towel instead of washing it completely. We recommend that you wipe it gently.
    - Iron at a low temperature (below 110 degrees) and use a cloth with inconspicuous grains.
    ・If you use dark and light colors together, color transfer may occur.

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