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MEJIA Medium Custom

MEJIA Medium Custom

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  • MEJIA / Mejia [M]
    One Handle Tote Bag Medium Custom

    ・Light and simple tote bag that can be carried over the shoulder
    ・With convenient outside pocket
    ・There are plenty of partitions and A4 size storage is also possible.
    ・Comes with an attached pouch that is convenient for storing small items

    ・Main pocket x 1
    ・Out pocket x 1
    ・Interior free pocket x 2

    Main body-
    ・Ultrasuede®: PE65%/PU35%
    Attached pouch-
    ・Ultrasuede®: PE65%/PU35%
    ・YKK NO3 zipper

  • ・Body
    Height 33cm
    Width Top 30cm Bottom 23cm
    Gusset 8cm
    Handle 65cm

    ・Outside pocket
    Height 18.5cm Width 15.5cm
    ・Middle pocket ①
    Height 29cm Width 29cm
    ・Middle pocket ②
    Height 12cm Width 21cm

    ・Included pouch
    Height 9.5cm
    Width 14cm
    Strap 17cm

  • Ultrasuede®, the main material used, is a suede-like artificial leather developed by Toray Industries.

    ・Excellent durability
    - Adequate breathability. moisture permeability
    ・Highly maintainable and easy to clean
    ・Features a light, high-quality, and smooth texture.

    Precautions for handling
    ・The hue may appear different depending on the viewing direction because the fluff has a directionality, and is not due to a difference in color.
    - Please be careful in advance as there is a risk of color migration when combining white or light colors of Ultrasuede® or other materials with medium-dark colors of Ultrasuede®.
    ・Ultra Suede® is made of ultra-fine fibers (approximately 1/20th the thickness of a hair) and is soft. Repeated rubbing may cause fuzzing and tearing.
    ・We use ultra-fine fibers to create a unique touch. Therefore, high heat can damage the delicate touch and leave burnt marks. Please be especially careful with lit cigarettes and stoves.

    How to care
    ・Although Ultrasuede® itself is a material that can be washed with water, metal and core materials such as zippers are used in the manufacturing process, so if it gets dirty, please wipe it gently with a wet towel instead of washing it completely. We recommend this method.
    - Iron at a low temperature (below 110 degrees) and use a cloth with inconspicuous grains.
    ・If you use dark and light colors together, color transfer may occur.

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